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<br /> Over the years, many advancements in medical science have allowed rhinoplasty procedures to be safer and more effective in helping individuals overcome the cosmetic and functional concerns of their noses. Those who are considering this procedure need to learn all they can about their options to be sure they will be able to make a wise choice for their needs.
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<br /> of Nose Job Procedures
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<br /> When a person wants to pursue cosmetic surgery for their nose, they now have a few different options. This procedure is carried out for both functional and aesthetic needs. There are two main types of surgical processes that are carried out during a nose job procedure.
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<br /> Open procedures involve incisions being made on the outside of the nose and are typically carried out when extensive work needs to be done to the nose. Closed procedures involve incisions being made on the inside of the nose so any scarring is hidden.
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<br /> Whenever possible, cosmetic surgeons will do all they can to perform a closed procedure so there are no visible scars once healing takes place. If an open procedure is carried out, the surgeon will place the incisions in the most appropriate area to ensure they blend in with the natural nasal tissue so, as healing takes place, the scars will not be noticeable.
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<br /> This procedure can be used to correct the following functional and aesthetic issues with the nose.
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<br /> Correction of a deviated septum
<br /> Correction of nasal fractures
<br /> Correction of the radix
<br /> Correction of the nasal openings
<br /> Straightening of a crooked nose
<br /> Rotation and reduction of the nasal tip
<br /> Adjustment of the nasolabial angle
<br /> Reduction of the width or length
<br /> Adjustment of the alar
<br /> What Can Patients Expect?
<br />
<br /> It is imperative individuals fully understand what they can expect during the procedure and after. The surgeon will explain how the procedure will be carried out. will take several weeks, and it is not uncommon for an individual to experience bruising and swelling just after the procedure. These will fade with time and allow the patient to begin to notice their rhinoplasty results.
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<br /> This article is meant to inform individuals about the basics of nose jobs and what they can expect. If you would like to learn more about this and other cosmetic procedures, visit Call if you would like to schedule a consultation appointment to see if you are a good candidate.
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